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HillVets LEAD Program

Leadership, Ethics, Advocacy, Dedication to self-improvement


What is the HillVets LEAD Program?

HillVets' LEAD program is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders in our nation. With an average of 18 Protégés from diverse service branches and backgrounds, LEAD offers a dynamic curriculum featuring distinguished speakers and comprehensive educational resources. The program encourages Protégés to develop their leadership skills within a supportive community of peers.

LEAD 2.0 represents a significant evolution, providing an even more immersive learning experience through a series of six events focused on various subjects and with renowned speakers.


Furthermore, interim Cohort gatherings offer Protégés the chance to learn from esteemed speakers within the HillVets community. Participants enjoy the privilege of attending events at no cost and are welcome at future LEAD cohort events and dinners, fostering positive relationships.


With applications opening annually in November, the program offers a unique opportunity for Protégés to enhance their leadership abilities and build a compelling professional brand.

Who qualifies: Military Veterans, Active-duty military spouses, survivors, Active-duty Service Members, Guardsmen, and Reservists



  • Seeking to elevate leadership and self-improvement in policy, media/communications, advocacy, foreign affairs, government relations, or politics.

  • Values lively discourse, healthy debate, respect, and prioritizing the nation over politics.

  • Demonstrates grit, resilience, mission-focus, teamwork, commitment to democracy and diversity, integrity, and strong writing and interpersonal skills in policy and politics.

  • Can commit to monthly events over 12 months.

  • Is a team player willing to support and challenge fellow Protégés.

  • Commits to staying engaged with the organization, improving the program, and mentoring future participants.

Meet the Protégés

Read about your past LEAD Protégés and take a look into our current 2024 Cohort 9!


This program is powered in part by Wounded Warrior Project® to honor

and empower post‐9/11 injured service members, veterans, and their families

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