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Leadership, Ethics, Advocacy, Dedication to self-improvement

A second-to-none leadership/mentorship program for the future leaders of our nation.

Applications for the 2024 Cohort
Open November 6th, 2023

What is the HillVets LEAD Program?

Our HillVets’ LEAD program is dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of our nation. Currently, we welcome an average of 18 Protégés from diverse service branches and life backgrounds into our program. Within LEAD, we orchestrate a dynamic curriculum featuring distinguished speakers, comprehensive educational resources, and a profound commitment from our Protégés to cultivate their leadership skills amongst a community of peers.

LEAD 2.0 represents a significant evolution, offering an even more immersive learning experience for our community. This innovative format comprises a series of six events, meticulously designed to foster expertise in an array of subjects, including literature, art, business, health, public speaking, and policy, among others.

In addition to these events, our program provides monthly gatherings that enable Protégés to learn from esteemed speakers and generous contributors within the HillVets community. What's more, HillVets LEAD Protégés have the privilege of attending each event at no cost, and are also welcome at future LEAD cohort events and dinners; which will continue to build positive relationships in our community.

With applications opening every November, this program presents an incredible opportunity for Protégés to elevate their leadership abilities and cultivate a compelling professional self-brand.

Who you are:

  • A policy, media/communications, advocacy, foreign affairs, government relations, or political professional looking to take your leadership and self-improvement to a new level

  • Someone who believes in lively discourse, a healthy debate, respect for others, and putting our country before politics; value grit and grind to make it happen; are resilient, mission-focused, and team oriented; share a commitment to our nation, democracy, and diversity; have top notch integrity and a moral compass; write well, work well with others, and have strong experience in policy and politics

  • A dedicated individual who can devote time for monthly events over the course of 12 months

  • Willing to be a team player with protégés who will push each other to success and be lifelong support systems to each other

  • You are willing to stay engaged with the organization in years to come, look for ways to improve each other and the program, and pay it forward to those who follow in your footsteps.


As a HillVets LEAD Protégé you can expect:

  • Leadership training and mentorship that emphasizes four core areas that we value (Leadership, Ethics, Advocacy, and Dedication to self-improvement)

  • A new support team, which will consist of the fellow protégés who will support you, and whom you will support as you move up the ladder of success

  • Second-to-none trainings from incredible speakers and workshops over the course of 6 large events

  • Mentorship from and access to current and previous HillVets CAPCON panelists

  • Access to all future cohort training sessions

  • Access to all future events and other special events

  • The opportunity to take part in intimate discussions with current national leaders

  • The opportunity to provide the same excellent mentorship to future protégés 

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