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Join HillVets, Give Back, Get Swag!

HillVets, a 501 c-19 organization, is dedicated to supporting War-Time era Veterans and all of the incredible community that supports the Mil-Vet community. As such, please join HillVets as War-Time Veteran/Servicemember or join us as an Annual Supporter. In terms of benefits, they are the same. Our HillVets community has an open door to all and we are glad you are here!

War-Time Veteran Servicemember

Membership in HillVets is a privilege specifically granted to War-Time Veterans.

Step forward and lead by example in our membership program. As Veterans, your donation not only supports local and national Veteran service initiatives but also shows your unwavering commitment to giving back to your fellow servicemen and women.

And here's the kicker - donations of $100 or more enlist you for a FREE t-shirt, sticker, early access to events, and more! Join ranks with us and the courageous men and women who've defended our nation during times of conflict. Together, we're forging a brighter future for our Veterans and their families!
War-Time Veteran Member Becoming a HillVets Member is an honor reserved for individuals wh

Annual Supporter

Join as an Annual or Monthly Supporter!

Not everyone has walked the path of a War-Time Veteran, but your dedication to supporting and empowering Veterans fuels our mission. Step up as an Annual or Monthly Supporter and be a driving force in our journey towards Veteran empowerment while enjoying the same benefits all with your $100 donation!

Your commitment makes all the difference!

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Want to go the extra mile?

Ready to go the extra mile by committing to $25 a month?

You're amazing!


Thank you for taking our community support to the next level - we're not letting it go unnoticed! We'll ensure our community knows you've gone above and beyond, highlighting your incredible commitment and impact. Plus, as a token of our appreciation, get ready for some well-deserved recognition and a special gift from us to you! 

Click the link below that applies to you and follow instructions to begin your journey of the extra mile!

Early-bird Access to all HillVets Events

Free HillVets T-shirt

Free HillVets Sticker

Access to the HillVets Foundation Slack Channels

HillVets Benefits
Gear Up, Connect Early, Lengthen Your Stride!


Rise to the Challenge: Here's What We Ask!

Both War-Time Veteran Members and Annual Supporters can join the HillVets community by donating $100 or $25/month to HillVets through the links listed above!


Variety fuels our HillVets community! While everyone enjoys the same perks here, sorting between War-Time Members and Annual Supporters helps us keep things organized. It's all about appreciating the diverse contributions of our amazing community and donors.


Your involvement matters, whether you've served or supported. Together, we're champions for Veterans across the nation!

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