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Tapping into our Roots!

HillVets all started on a softball field, and now, we are tapping back into

those athlete roots!


As a proud partner of the 2024 Marine Corps Marathon, HillVets Foundation is uniting athletes and enthusiasts to embrace the challenge while igniting the spirit of camaraderie!


Join us, Veterans, and our national warrior family in Arlington, VA, for the MCM, 50k, & 10k on October 27th, 2024.


Our unstoppable runners will be gearing up after months of training, determination, and unwavering dedication to honor and empower those who have fearlessly served our nation.

Register with HillVets

Depending on your selection, your fundraising minimum
can range from $300.00 to $750.00 to secure an entry.

The last day to fundraise is 08/31/2024.

Marathon Fundraising Minimum - $750 || 50k Fundraising Minimum - $750 || 10k Fundraising Minimum - $300

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