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Brian Moran


To transform the way services and support are provided to our Nation’s heroes and their families, GovernmentCIO LLC (GCIO) has partnered with various Veteran Service Organizations to create our Veterans Initiatives Team (VIT). GCIO’s VIT team, composed completely of Veterans, will tackle pressing issues and challenges facing Veterans. GCIO is actively recruiting Veterans to serve as on-call employees on the VIT. Activities VIT members will support include: occasional testing of Veteran-facing applications developed by GCIO; analysis of prospective legislation and policy changes to identify impacts to the Veteran community; and identification of Veteran support services/areas upon which GCIO can help implement improvements, using firsthand experiences to help develop solutions for those improvements. 

Brian Moran is the CEO of GCIO and the country’s leading strategist in government IT. As a former federal IT executive, writer, respected thought leader and commentator, Moran is often quoted in government technology periodicals and frequently serves as the featured speaker at government IT conferences and workshops. Beyond his duties at GovernmentCIO, Moran continues to serve the public by way of his leadership in government-industry advisory panels, active participation in several industry associations, and leadership in promoting improved IT through higher education.

Brian Moran
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