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Sharon Hodge

Vietnam Veterans of America

Twenty-two years ago, Sharon Hodge joined Vietnam Veterans of America as a clerk.  Today, she is a Deputy Director for VVA’s Policy and Government Affairs department.  Not only has she taken greater and greater responsibility as she has progressed up the invisible ladder and smashed through the so-called glass ceiling, she has gone far above and beyond the parameters of her position. Sharon is not a Veteran. She has, however, evinced a compassion and respect for Veterans – especially Vietnam Veterans – and what we endured in service to our country.  Among her spheres of responsibility is VVA’s longest-held priority:  achieving the fullest possible accounting of the 1,600 Americans lost in Vietnam whose fate remains unknown and issues concerning VA’s national cemeteries. Homeless Veterans, too, have become her passion. In the winter, she single-handedly runs a clothing collection drive to assist these indigent women and men.

Sharon Hodge
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