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David Max Korzen

Writer & Lecturer

David Max Korzen is a trusted leader, writer and teacher in national security affairs. He has extensive experience with irregular warfare and U.S. security cooperation programs, with a specific expertise in Middle Eastern policy. Having served in the Air Force for over 12 years as a pilot and special operations officer, he has worked, traveled and lived in numerous locations in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Korzen has lectured at the Joint Special Operations University and the Air Force Special Operation School on irregular warfare and the Middle East. His writings have appeared in numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, U.S. News and World Report, Real Clear Defense and Arab Studies Quarterly. Max holds an AM in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University and a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University. He continues to serve as a Major in the Air Force Reserve.

David Max Korzen
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