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Judge Halee F. Weinstein

Maryland District Court

In 2015, Maryland District Court Judge Halee F. Weinstein, U.S. Army Veteran, established and presides over the Baltimore City Veterans Treatment Docket, a court-supervised, comprehensive and voluntary treatment-based program for Military Veterans charged with misdemeanor or certain felonies. The docket, which launched last fall, emphasizes rehabilitation over incarceration. “This specialized docket allows us to coordinate resources and draw on the skills of a strong, interdisciplinary team to focus on the unique concerns and needs of the Veterans who come to our courts,” said Judge Weinstein.

“The collaboration among our justice partners and the VA Maryland Health Care System is instrumental to the success of the program. The docket works to ensure that Veterans are connected to the benefits and treatment earned through their Military service.” Since its inception, the docket has expanded from offering two afternoon dockets a month to two full-day dockets a month to accommodate growing interest in veteran-specific rehabilitation. Veterans who participate in the docket are partnered with a mentor (also a Veteran) through the Maryland State Bar Association.

Judge Halee F. Weinstein
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