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Ken Fisher

Fisher House

Ken Fisher has dedicated his career and life’s work to building and leading complex, multi-billion-dollar organizations and supporting Military personnel and families.  Fisher is the Chairman and CEO of Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides a network of comfort homes where Military and Veterans’ families can stay at no cost while receiving medical treatment.  Since its inception, the Fisher House program has helped more than 305,000 families, saving them an estimated $360 million in costs and providing them with a comforting environment as they care for their wounded, injured, or ill loved ones. The Fisher House Foundation has also helped more than 10,000 Military children attend colleges by providing more than $15 million in scholarships.

In 2004, the Foundation expanded by partnering with the Department of Defense to establish and administer the Hero Miles. This program uses donated frequent flyer miles to purchase airline tickets for family members during a medical crisis.  An In 2011, Hotels for Heroes, allowing family members to stay in hotels by medical centers where a Fisher House is not available, was created.  Fisher has worked tirelessly for Military personnel, Veterans and their families.

Ken Fisher
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