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Dr. Jill Biden

The Biden Foundation

Dr. Jill Biden is an American educator who served as Second Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. During her tenure Dr. Biden used her platform to draw significant attention to the unique strengths and sacrifices of Military families. In April 2011, she and Michelle Obama founded a national initiative, Joining Forces, that asked all Americans house their skills and resources in support of our troops and their families. Through Joining Forces, Dr. Biden focused on Military spouse employment, working to connect Military spouses with career opportunities as well as led efforts to support Military children.

In February 2017, Dr. Biden and Former Vice President Joe Biden founded the Biden Foundation to pursue the causes they cared most about, including focuses upon preventing violence against women, his moonshot initiative, and her interests in community colleges and Military families. Also in 2017, Dr. Biden was named board chair to Save the Children.

Dr. Jill Biden
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