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Cherissa Jackson


Cherissa Jackson served 23 years of active duty Military service with 10 of those years as a U.S. Air Force Nurse. She is a Veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, having served a total of 3 combat deployments where she honed her expertise as a battlefield clinician.

Following her honorable service, as an Air Force commissioned officer, Jackson became an ambassador and advocate for persons with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She was inducted into the SHEROES United Organization Hall of Fame and traveled to Rome, Italy in November 2016 in order to collaborate with the Vatican, the Nation of Congo, and the city of Amatrice, Italy to help advance a global discussion on eliminating stigmas associated with PTSD.

Her mission included improving healthcare for women in underserved populations, which directed her interests to the African continent where she worked over several years to save the lives of Ugandan women against cervical cancer. Jackson is the author of “At Peace Not in Pieces,” a bestselling memoir that outlines her principles of coping with her own PTSD challenges as a combat veteran and nurse. She was also named one of “25 Individuals of Influence” in the June 2018 issue of PTSD magazine.

Cherissa Jackson
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