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LauraBeth Messimer

G.I. Josie

LauraBeth Messimer is the founder of G.I Josie, a non-profit based in Monterey County, designed to provide non-clinical therapeutic programs to women Veterans to help alleviate their suffering from Military Sexual Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, offering them hope of a trauma-free future.

In the last year, G.I. Josie has become even closer to its’ ultimate goal of creating a transitional ranch community for women Veterans to heal. The Equine Project partnered this year with Backstretch Ranch in Aromas, CA creating a permanent location with over 60 horses at veterans’ leisure. Also, G.I.Josie held its annual Blue Water Project, with over 10 participants, designed for activities above, below and around water, primarily the Pacific Ocean. Participants learn to surf, body board, kayak, stand up paddle board, all while learning to respect the ocean and her might. In addition, “Healing with Laughter,” a quarterly improvisation comedy workshop is another favorite that provides practical and easily implementable coping tools through laughter.

LauraBeth Messimer
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