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Dan Brillman, Taylor Justice, and Andrew Price


Unite US is an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks to connect health and social service providers together. Their goal is to connect communities by helping individuals get access to the care and services they need as quickly as possible. Unite US is a Veteran-founded company that works closely with other Military and Veterans organizations. They have also partnered with ServingTogether, affiliated with AmericaServes, to support their efforts to use to use technology to guide Veterans, Service Members and their families to the most appropriate services and resources available.

CEO/Co-Founder, Dan Brillman, is a current Major in the United States Air Force and is passionate about helping others and tackling difficult issues. Taylor Justice, Co-Founder and President, was a West Point graduate and Infantry Officer in the US Army. He is often evangelizing the need for collaboration technology within most industries. Co-Founder and Director of Outreach, Andrew Price, is passionate about the Military and helping the ones that keep us safe.

Dan Brillman, Taylor Justice, and Andrew Price
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