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Paul Arcangeli

House Armed Services Committee

Paul Arcangeli has dedicated his life to serving our country, first in the Military, and then on the Hill. Paul started his career as a skilled Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialist, leaving the Army only when a heart condition temporarily killed him. 

But even death couldn’t stop him. Paul went on to become Director of the DoD’s School for Humanitarian Landmine Clearance, work that saved countless lies around the world, then transitioned to the House Armed Services Committee in 2004. Through his committee work, Paul has shaped our nation’s Military, serving as the Democratic Staff Director there for more than 10 years. Paul has led the Armed Services Committee in ensuring our Service Members have the tools they need to be successful in executing their mission. Paul consistently builds bipartisan consensus and is an ever-present voice supporting our Military and Service Members on the Hill.

Paul Arcangeli
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