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Master Sgt. Jarad Stout

US Marine Corps

Master Sgt. Jarad Stout is a Marine Raider who was awarded the Silver Star for bravery in April 2018 for his actions in the early morning hours of Nov. 20, 2015, when the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali, was attacked by gunmen affiliated with al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

 Master Sgt Stout, who was serving as a liaison to the U.S. embassy at the time, when he received word of an “active shooter.” He and his team were then out the door in five minutes. Stout had very little initial information regarding the attack, but he devised a plan and led his team, braving grenades and small arms fire, to help rescue hostages.

More than 20 people were killed in the mass shooting, including one American.

Master Sgt. Jarad Stout
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