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Liz Carmouche

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

A Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Liz “Girlrilla” Carmouche is an American Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently competing in the bantamweight division. Born in Lafayette, LA, she grew up on Okinawa the daughter of an Airman. During her five year enlistment, Liz Before was an Aviation Electrician during which time she completed three tours in Iraq. Carmouche started training MMA to ease her transition. She began her professional fighting career in 2010, and was named the WMMA Press Awards Newcomer of the Year in the same year. In February 2013, Carmouche was recognized as the first openly gay fighter in the UFC and has served as a positive role model throughout the MMA community. She is also the FIRST woman to NOT be arm-barred by Ronda Rousey and the first fighter in UFC history to win at Madison Square Garden. Her studies in kinesiology may give her an advantage in the ring with a professional record of 10-5-0 ranked 8th in the world.


Liz Carmouche
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