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Kimberly Jung

Rumi Spice

Kimberly Jung is the founder of Rumi Spice, a company that imports saffron directly from Afghan farmers, giving them access to markets and an alternative to growing opium. Rumi Spice is carried proudly by four Michelin-starred restaurants, and was featured in six dishes at the James Beard Persian New Year Dinner. Most importantly, Rumi Spice is laying a foundation for peace through economic empowerment: the company established its first processing facility in Herat, Afghanistan, and hired 75 Afghan women, who are paid direct wages.

Ms. Jung served as a US Army Engineer Officer and deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 with her construction-turned route- clearance soldiers to clear roads of IEDs and ambushes in the Wardak, Paktika and Ghazni provinces. This deployment would lead to a deep love and admiration of Afghanistan and its people that later shaped the foundation of Rumi Spice.

Ms. Jung is a 2014 Tillman Scholar, Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Fellow, West Point graduate, ultra-marathoner, former Girl Scout troop leader, and volleyball player and coach. She loves to cook.

Kimberly Jung
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