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HillVets Fellowship Application

When completing the form below - please use a personal (mobile) phone number as well as a personal email address.

1. Tips:

  • Resume Should Include:

    • Professional Experience

      • Paid or Unemployed 

  • Cover Letter Should Include:

    • Explain why a career in public policy-making interests you

    • Why this program is a good fit for you

    • How your participation will contribute to the HillVets community

  • Headshot:

    • Civilian photo preferred 

2. You must meet these requirements to apply:

  • Identify under one or more of these titles:

    • Veteran (Received Veteran Status or within 60 days of receiving Veteran Status), reservist, national guard, Active-duty military spouse, or Gold Star family member

  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree

  • Exemplary communication skills

  • Have a positive and humble attitude

  • Have an interest in Policy Making

HillVets Fellowship Application
Will you require housing?
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Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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