HillVets House Fellowship

A Challenge Fit For the Best! 

Are you the type of person looking to work on timely, challenging, and impactful issues that not only solidify your resume but also allow you to make positive impact on people’s lives?

If so then you sound like the type of veteran Rockstar HillVets is interested in providing an opportunity. We are offering paid and housed fellowships to veterans interested in the challenge of politics, policy or communications/media.

As a HillVets House Fellow a typical day might include:

  • Briefing a Member of Congress or United States Senator on various pressing issues
  • Attending congressional hearings on important policy issues such as: Defense, Veterans, International Affairs, etc.
  • Meeting with cabinet level Secretaries to learn about various policies
  • Attending Galas, policy forums and roundtables, and networking events
  • Spending time with other HillVets House Fellows
  • Participating in classes lead by the Library of Congress to learn about Congressional procedure, the budget, defense policy, veterans policy, appropriations and more.
  • Spending one day a week with a non-profit partner such as the DAV, American Legion, and AMVETS to learn about veteran’s advocacy

Who is HillVets

HillVets is a network of veterans that consists of our staff and leadership board, our current HillVets House Fellows, our HillVets House Alum, and our broad DC membership.

We are non-partisan, non-issue oriented. We believe in discourse, healthy debate, respect, and putting our country before politics. We value our grit and ability to grind to make it happen. We are resilient, mission focused, and team oriented. We share a commitment to our Nation, democracy, and diversity. We all served together to defend our Nation, and we can do the same in our Nation’s Capitol. We have second to none integrity, and a moral compass. As the Chair of our Advisory Board Chuck Hagel says, “Don’t over complicate doing the right thing. The right thing is the right thing, and you know what the right thing is.”

Does this sound like a group of leaders you want to work with and mentor you to take on your next challenge? If so keep reading.

Our Commitment to You

We are in this for the long run. We are working to help our fellows today in becoming the leaders of tomorrow. In fact, we just launched a new leadership program to further assist our HillVets House Fellows, Alum, and supporters do just that: move up the revolving staircase. We are committed to providing you safe, clean, housing and a stipend that will cover your basic food needs. We are committed to working to keep you as an alumni involved and to provide you with continued training as well as the opportunity to become a mentor as you become successful professionally. We are committed to plugging you into the leaders that will mentor you, train you, and show you a way that is consistent with your values.

What this is not

HillVets House is not a handout. We are a group of veterans that are paying it forward. If you join HillVets, we expect you to do your part and do the same when able. We expect our rockstars to align with our DNA of grit and grinding to make it happen. This is not a fiesta, its a challenge on top of a challenge on top of a challenge, but if you are the type of person we are looking for, then you are not only up for this, you are excited about it. The first challenge is getting you in the door, the second challenge is getting you a permanent job, the final challenge is getting you up to speed to be effective in creating positive change for our Nation. We are not an employment agency, we are a group of committed veterans and supporters that have your back to make sure that you are in the right place, at the right time, and that you get all of the street cred that goes with our brand in your own campaign to kick butt and land a permanently placed gig in our Nation’s Capitol. Sound like you?

Timeline, goals, and expectations for placement (The Three Big Exciting Challenges!)

Our goal is to get you running at warp speed to attain placement within three weeks of your arrival to D.C. (The first challenge ^ Get you in the door). To do that we will have an orientation with you, educate you on the program, your fellow veterans in the program, any upcoming events, and a strategy to work with our more then 20 Congressional Ambassadors to find permanent placement on the hill. We will work with you to find an office that works for your values and beliefs. They have to say yes to take you as a fellow and you get to decide if that is the right opportunity for you. If not, no problem, we keep looking.

Your second big challenge is to land a permanent placement within 4 months of arrival. We will again work with you on a strategy to successfully navigate into your first full-time paid position. If at 4 months you have not landed, not unusual, we have your back and will continue the hunt. We got your 6, and are going to work with you through your success; so long as you adhere to our DNA of being resilient, grinding and getting gritty for the wins!

The third big challenge is to get you into a HillVets LEAD cohort once you have permanently placed. This will provide you second to none mentors, and an incredible cohort (Fire Team) to help you move up that revolving staircase, continue to be a better you through self-improvement and training, and help you start to look at those veterans behind you that need a hand up.

If all this sounds like something that is a perfect fit for you. Apply today!

-Justin Brown



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Success Stories

“My experience as a Hillvets fellow was exceptional. The ability to learn the inner workings of the legislative branch by formal education and firsthand experience, followed up with concrete opportunities to continue service on Capitol Hill is unique among government fellowships.  The fellowship shaped me as a veteran, and (feedback later demonstrated) my status as a veteran left a lasting effect on the member of congress with whom I served. Hillvets opened doors to a career path that otherwise would have taken much longer to materialize.”

-Jason Goldberg- Research Scientist/Engineer in Support of DARPA

“HillVets is a growing organization, but the organization is growing intelligently. Since I left the Army, I wanted to help the veteran community. Hillvets bridged the gap for me by selecting me to work for congress to fight and advocate for veteran rights. While I was a fellow, Hillvets provided me with more connections, resources, tools and support to thrive in the workforce.”

-Keronica Richardson-The American Legion, Assistant Director/Women and Minority Veterans Outreach

“HillVets was a great opportunity for me to experience the legislative process first hand, while developing friendships with other like-minded veterans and congressional staffers. I decided to go to law school after completing my fellowship, and I am sure my HillVets experience helped set me apart during the competitive law school application process. I was also frequently asked about the fellowship during job interviews, which gave me the opportunity to highlight this valuable experience.”

-Joe Betteley is a rising third-year law student at the University of Virginia School of Law, and he will be a summer associate at a law firm in Washington, D.C. starting in May 2017. 

“HillVets has played an instrumental role in my DC experience. The summer spent as a HillVets fellow inspired me to pursue a long-shelved goal – earning my Master’s degree – and my cohort encouraged and mentored me throughout the application process. Additionally, through continued volunteering with HIllvets, I have come to appreciate the vast impact a small organization can have  – in HillVet’s case, helping veterans to seek continued service to our country as policy advisers.

The HillVets community is a team; we strive to bring out the best in each other and to encourage endurance in the face of setbacks. I am grateful for the time spent with, and lessons learned from, this incredible community, one in which I will always belong.”

-Abigail P Gage

Masters Candidate JHU-SAIS-Former HASC Staff Member