Washington, DC – August 11, 2022

HillVets is proud to announce that Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska has signed on as our newest HillVets House Ambassador. HillVets House Ambassadors are Members of Congress who publicly support the HillVets House Fellowship program and consider HillVets House Fellows for placement in their office to undertake substantive policy work. These Ambassadors are committed to assisting the military-connected community lead successful and impactful careers in the public policy realm.

HillVets House Fellowship (HVHF) program provides Veterans, Service-members, and surviving family members who wish to pursue a career in government, policy, and/or advocacy, the opportunity to serve as a Legislative Fellow in a Congressional office. Fellows develop relationships with peers and mentors while gaining substantive exposure to and understanding of all facets of the legislative process. Taking part in such experiences provides individuals with the necessary skills to find full-time employment in a policy-related position. Furthermore, HillVets offers safe, furnished, free housing for any of its Fellows who need it, as well as a monthly stipend. The HillVets House Fellowship program also provides numerous ways to broaden a Fellow’s professional network and a plethora of educational opportunities.

“I’m proud to be an Ambassador for the HillVets Program which provides veterans, service members, and surviving spouses access to opportunities, training, and support in their pursuit of continued service in government. We should be doing all that we can to support those who have served our nation honorably under the flag,” said Senator Murkowski. “Having a HillVets Fellow serving in my office over the past year, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of this program, the caliber of individuals, and what they bring to the table—through impressive skillsets, discipline, and drive. The late Congressman Don Young was a proud veteran and early supporter of this great program, and I take it as an honor to pick up where he left off supporting and advocating for HillVets.”

HillVets believes that the voices of military-connected individuals need to be heard throughout the policymaking process. It is with the help of HillVets House Ambassadors like Senator Murkowski that we are able to provide them with the chance to contribute their lived experience, knowledge, and perceptions to the issues that most impact them.

“It is very exciting to add someone like Senator Lisa Murkowski to the ever-growing list of HillVets House Ambassadors,” said Jodi Harman, HillVets Director of Programs. “The HillVets House Fellow who recently finished placement in her office had a fantastic experience, and we look forward to placing another Fellows with her in the near future.”

About HillVets

HillVets’ mission is to serve the military-connected community in and around our Nation’s capital with opportunity, mentorship, housing, peer support, education, and networking in their pursuit of second service in government, and the HillVets House Fellowship program is but one path we utilize to fulfill it.