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HillVets LEAD

A Second-to-None Leadership/Mentorship Program for the future leaders of our Nation

Are you a policy, media/communications, or political professional looking to take your leadership and self-improvement to a new level? HillVets is looking for dedicated individuals looking to spend up to 3 hours a week for 12 weeks improving their skills alongside some of our Nation’s most sought after leaders. Individuals who will join a lifelong “fireteam” of 6 who will push each other to success.  These individuals will stay engaged in the years to come, look for ways to improve each other and the program, and pay it forward to those that follow in their footsteps.

As a HillVets LEAD Protégé you can expect:

  • Leadership training and mentorship that emphasizes four core areas that we value: Leadership; Ethics; Advocacy; and Dedication to Self-Improvement
  • A new support team, your “Fireteam”, which will consist of 5 high-speed peers who will support you, and whom you will support as you move up the ladder of success
  • Second-to-none policy/communications training in one of three areas: veteran policy, defense, communications/media
  • Mentorship and access to HillVets LEAD Ambassadors
  • Access to all future cohort training sessions
  • Access to all future HillVets LEAD Capstone events and other special events
  • The opportunity to lead forums, discussions, and projects with other LEAD Protégés and Ambassadors
  • The opportunity to someday become a HillVets Ambassador, and provide mentorship training

Apply for Cohort 6 of HillVets LEAD here!

Learn more by reviewing our FAQs.

Still have questions? Reach out to contact@hillvets.org.

This opportunity might be for you if:

You are a: HillVets House Fellow or Alumni, Capitol Hill Staffer, Surviving Spouse or Child, Military Spouse, or a member of HillVets AND you believe in discourse, healthy debate, respect, and putting our country before politics. Value grit and grind to make it happen. You are resilient, mission focused, and team oriented. You share a commitment to our Nation, democracy, and diversity. You have second to none integrity, and a moral compass. You write well, work well with others, and have strong experience in policy and politics.

Apply for Cohort 5 of HillVets LEAD here!

Learn more by reviewing our FAQs.

Still have questions? Reach out to contact@hillvets.org.