The media plays an integral part of our political process. In 2016, the following individuals led the way on reporting on VA and the veteran experience. Through their stories, the media has held public and government officials accountable for their actions and promises. The media has also enlightened the public on veterans’ issues and increased their understanding of the sacrifices made by those that chose to serve.

Leo Shane, Military Times

Leo Shane is an award-winning Military and Veterans Affairs reporter whose work has drawn national recognition from policy leaders, media peers, and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of who rely on his insight as an objective voice on issues affecting their lives.

He has worked in Washington, D.C. since 2004, covering Capitol Hill and the White House. His beats include legislation affecting military policy and veterans’ issues. His work also includes overseas coverage of military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chile and Ecuador. He has become a prominent voice on veterans’ issues, chronicling troops’ transition back to civilian life and the challenges facing the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Thomas Brennan, The War Horse

The War Horse at once tells individual stories of servicemembers and then at the same time reminds us of the common bond between all those who have worn the uniform, their families, and our communities. These stories hit home, especially with those of us who joined during this age of an all volunteer force. The range of these stories are as complex as they are varied. As many parts of the rest of the country continue to become politically polarized, Veterans are lucky to have common ground to engage in respectful and meaningful conversation. We are also lucky to have War Horse to help us remember that common ground.

Adam Linehan, Task and Purpose


Adam Linehan is a combat decorated former Army medic with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now a senior staff writer for “Task & Purpose,” an online publication whose writings have amplified and cut to the core of what it means to be a veteran. Adam broke the story on veteran participation in the standing rock protest among many others. Adam’s thoughtful and thorough coverage of veteran issues and cultures will continue to catch the attention of his constituents and the American public at large.



Ira Glass, This American Life

“This American Life” shines a light across the lives of so many people whose stories would otherwise go untold. These compelling accounts regularly leave listeners with a renewed appreciation for their fellow human beings. While servicemembers and Veterans are not always the main focus, “This American Life” has offered a unique perspective into the lives of men and women who’ve worn the uniform. For instance, in 2016, listeners were treated to two stories focused on the military experience. One was a story of a Marine sniper deployed to the deserts of the Middle East who watched “Gilmore Girls” to remember life back in the States. The other was a story about veteran and gifted story teller, Michael Pitre, who taught America about finding where an enemy is firing from by looking at POO, aka point of origin.

Jeremy Paris, Veteran Resource Podcast


There are many veterans who find ways to continue to serve after they return to the civilian workforce, but few who’ve created a resource for their brothers and sisters in uniform like Jeremy. For those who haven’t found Veterans Resource Podcast, if you were wondering about the range and opportunities for today’s Veterans, look no further. This podcast has some of the most insightful commentary from some of the most interesting Veterans in the country. Veterans Resource Podcast is here to say, “Today’s Veterans are leaders, they are innovating, and they are creating opportunities for fellow Veterans and Americans.”