As you can imagine, we were very much hoping to host the HillVets 100 in 2020. However, as the public health situation developed, we’ve had to reassess our plans. In addition to the primary concerns surrounding health and safety – always at the front of our minds – we also want to ensure that the 100 impactful and influential honorees of 2019 get the chance to truly celebrate their accomplishments and receive the attention and focus that they deserve. Therefore, in conjunction with our partners at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, we have decided to press pause on the event for 2020. Instead, we will honor the HillVets 100 of 2019 in the Spring of 2021 – stay tuned for an exact date announcement!

HillVets 100 Annual Tribute Gala

2021 | U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Washington D.C.

Honoring 100 Veterans, Service Members, & Supporters and their continued contributions to the United States

Our mission is to serve the community of veterans, servicemembers, and supporters in our Nation’s Capitol with opportunity, mentorship, housing, peer support, and training in their pursuit of continued service in government.

The HillVets 100 Gala is the premier black-tie event for the veteran and military community, honoring the most influential and impactful veterans, servicemembers, and supporters from the previous year. The honorees represent a broad spectrum of distinguished individuals and groups, including artists, elected officials, business executives, athletes, and service organizations, among others. The HillVets 100 – both the list and the recognition event – represent the best of the best within the veteran community, both in Washington, DC, and across the country.

The proceeds from the HillVets 100 Gala go directly towards our HillVets House Fellowship and HillVets LEAD programs, both of which provide participants with fellowship, leadership training, mentorship, and a variety of other resources and opportunities that enable positive career progression. These programs open doors for individuals who wish to continue their service to the country by making a positive impact in governance, international affairs, policy, and politics.

Hosted by John Kirby

Rear Admiral John Kirby, USN (ret), is a CNN military and diplomatic analyst and most recently served as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. Kirby appears regularly on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and across all of CNN’s programming providing analysis on issues related to the U.S. military, defense, foreign affairs and diplomacy.

Honorary Chairman Chuck Hagel

From Sergeant to Capitol Hill Staffer, Senator and United States Secretary of Defense, we are honored to have Secretary Chuck Hagel as our Honorary Chairman for our Annual HillVets 100.  Secretary Chuck Hagel served as the 24th Secretary of Defense from February 2013 to February 2015 and took the significant steps necessary to modernize America’s partnerships and alliances, advance the rebalance in Asia-Pacific, bolster support for European allies, and enhance defense cooperation in the Middle East while overseeing the end of America’s combat mission in Afghanistan.

Please contact Betty Rhoades for media, sponsorship, and all other HillVets 100 inquiries or 202-629-7937


HillVets is the community of Veterans, Service members, and their supporters interested in governance, international affairs, policy, and politics. We strive to open doors for our members and to provide them with contacts, education, and resources to continue positive career progression.