Greetings! We are excited about HillVets’ first virtual trivia night – we hope you are, too! Here are some instructions and details to help everything run smoothly.

First – build your team! You can play by yourself, or you can team up with others. To keep things fair, please keep teams to 8 people or fewer. You can team up with people who live with you, or you can have a “virtual” team – for the latter, you’ll want to set up a separate Zoom or a text/WhatsApp chain so you can discuss answers with your teammates. Only ONE person from each team will submit answer sheets. Make sure to come up with a fun and creative team name – there will be a prize for the best! Let’s try to keep it family-friendly, though, since lots of folks have kids at home.

Once you have your team and team name determined, log into the trivia Zoom at 7 pm on Thursday night. The host – yours truly! – will read each round’s questions, and then you’ll have 1-2 songs to turn in your answer sheet (don’t forget to put your team name on the answer sheet). Listen closely – the songs might be musical clues to help you with one or more of that round’s questions!

There will be five total rounds of questions, with round 3 being a visual/picture round. Each round will have a separate answer sheet, which will be posted in the Zoom chat just before the round begins. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner! There will be prizes for first and second place, as well as for the best team name.

Questions? Feel free to reach out! Have a great week, and we’ll “see” you on Thursday…