By: Conner Swett, HillVets Fellow

On the first day of my fellowship in early February, my supervisor assigned me to “track this coronavirus that is happening in China. I don’t know much about it, but I believe it can get big.” Oh, how she was right.

We are living in exciting times. COVID-19 has taken hold and forced us to be isolated from our friends and, for some of us, our families. The news tells us that it is getting worse, the White House is sending mixed messages, and misinformation is filling up social media. It has been a little more than a month, March 12th, when I last went into work for my HillVets Fellowship. The subject of my daily updates has become the thing that put my fellowship on hold, and it sucks.

It was bearable the first week with my friend Netflix, but by Week 2, I needed to create a new routine to get me through this crisis. Leaning on my Marine Corps values and the Stoic teachings, I decided to focus on five things to help me get through this time indoors. For anyone that listened to HillVets Founder Justin Brown’s April 8th webinar or read the works of Ryan Holiday, some of these will be familiar.

Morning Routine

I have been a longtime fan of these. My morning is an essential part of my day because it’s for me, not for the world. I don’t want to look at my phone, nor do I want to turn on the TV right away. I believe it’s essential to have an hour where you can make breakfast and relax before starting work. I would feel stressed if I went from my bed straight to my computer for work. Additionally, before I start work, I review my list of things I need to do and make edits. Now my day has begun.

Set Goals

Goals are essential for me to feel productive. We don’t know how long this will last, but it doesn’t mean this time has to be wasted. By making some long-term improvement goals that I want to accomplish, I am then able to make weekly checkpoints that will help me reach those goals. Call it pride, narcissism, or just motivation, but when this is over, I hope to be more impressive over someone who is solely streaming.

Turn Off Social Media

I use Facebook Messenger to stay in contact with friends and family members during these trying times, but I find little comfort with scrolling through my feed. For Instagram and Twitter, I try to avoid opening the apps. We can do without a meme or snippy tweet that we probably won’t remember when this is over. Replace short-term feelings of joy, with goals that will bring long-term happiness.


Reading has become very important to me during these last few weeks. While Netflix occupied my time the first week, I now turn on some background music and pick up something to read instead. I used to hear people say that they didn’t have time to read, but now what is their excuse? I suggest finding a book and a magazine or journal to read, this way you have a balance between long and short reads.

Find something fun to do!

Despite all this stuff, it’s essential to take a break and have some fun. If you have a backyard, then play in it, or do a workout. If you play video games, then take some time to play that after work. Or arrange a virtual hangout with your friends to catch up. This time stuck indoors shouldn’t just be work and goals.

How are YOU getting through isolation? Share your tips in the comments!