Service Member of the Year

The service member of the year award highlights exemplary achievement by a service member beyond the call of duty. A member of each service branch is awarded every year. Awardees are selected for their demonstration of a high level of professionalism, concern for fellow service members, and their commitment to community service.

Sgt. 1st Class Wolfgang Mclachlan, U.S. Army

McLachlan received his award from Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson, deputy chief of staff, Army.

McLachlan chose to remain in the Army after suffering a jump injury that ended his career as an airborne infantryman. He became a satellite communication systems operator-maintainer. As an NCO, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to mentor soldiers and make them feel part of the Army family.

In addition to preparing soldiers for promotion boards and other competitive opportunities, McLachlan serves as a command sexual harassment/assault response coordinator and victim advocate. He also answers phones for a veteran suicide prevention hotline.

Sgt. Brooke Sharp, U.S. Marines

Sharp received her award from Marine Lt. Gen. Loretta Reynolds.

Sharp, 21, was among the first Marines to return to Helmand valley, one of the most violent provinces in Afghanistan, in the spring of 2017. During that deployment, Sharp established and linked remote outposts to help track Taliban activities and assisted in rescuing wounded Afghan fighters from the battlefield. Going far outside her original communications field, Sharp’s work helped rebuild U.S. outposts that expanded the security bubble around Lashkar Gah.



Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Craig Humes, U.S. Navy

Humes received the Sailor of the Year award from Vice Adm. Mary M. Jackson.

Throughout his 18 years of service, Humes has deployed around the world, including three times with the Marines. While with the Marines, he learned the importance of physical fitness, which he now teaches to new sailors and soldiers at the Navy Medicine Training and Support Center in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to going the extra mile to help soldiers improve their fitness scores, Humes also partakes in a number of service activities on his own time, including building ramps for disabled veterans and helping foreign-born refugees get a start in the U.S.


Captain Julian Gluck, U.S. Air Force

Gluck received his award from Maj. Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost.

Gluck is a B−52 Stratofortress bomber pilot who has given back to several international communities where the Air Force has deployed him – from organizing donation drives for foreign workers in Qatar to volunteering his time to local high school students outside his home duty station of Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.



Aviation Survival Technician 2nd Class Omar Alba, U.S. Coast Guard

Alba was presented the Coast Guardsman of the Year award by Vice Adm. Dan Abel.

Alba was honored for his courageous service during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. When the rescue swimmer maxed out on his flying hours, he went off-roading in his modified Jeep to help those who were isolated.